Worksite Health & Wellness

Have you ever stayed in hotel or been on vacation where there was a fantastic fitness center or spa?  The staff was exceptional, the equipment was polished and new, and the facility was pristine and clean.  Your first thought as you as you completed your workout was "Wow how come our gym doesn't look like this?"

Thankfully Aerobodies-AFC customers never have that issue.  Since 1994, Aerobodies-AFC Management Services has been a leader and innovator in Fitness Center Design, Management and worksite wellness programming.


Watch and discover how AFC helps our government and commercial customers shine in worksite health & wellness programming.

Employees, tenants and educated consumers know what to look for in a great gym or wellness center. Sleek lines, great lighting, and a free-flowing layout are just the beginning to attracting the right clientele and engaging employees for the longterm.  


Learn more about how AFC Management partners with customers coast to coast to create the fitness and wellness design experience consumers love. Download our free white paper 4 Key Elements of Innovative Fitness Center Design today. 


Does your worksite wellness program need a facelift?

Creating a successful fitness & wellness program takes knowledge, experience and lots of creativity.  It doesn't need to break the bank.  Download our free white paper and discover the top 6 innovative strategies highly successful organizations are using to increase employee engagement, performance and usage of worksite wellness offerings. Click here for your copy.