Health & Wellness Center Management

You are an innovator, a conscientious employer that believes in providing valuable, supportive health and wellness services for your employees.  You want your workforce to be at their best - healthy, happy, focused, energetic and ready to conquer the day!  


Since 1994, Aerobodies - AFC has served a multitude of government and commercial customers alike with comprehensive fitness and wellness programming, fitness center design, lifestyle coaching, nutritional counseling and wellness screening services to keep employees motivated and focused on leading healthier, happier lives. 


Our management team has over 150 years of combined experience in the design, development and implementation of state-of-the art fitness and wellness facilities. We can provide a staffing and customized management solution that fits the needs and requirements of your customers and employees.  Visit our Aerobodies program management website for more details.

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Six Success Strategies Fitness Center Management & Wellness Programming

Are you looking to create a fitness & wellness program that your employees love and your competitors envy? Download our free whitepaper to learn the top 6 success strategies of state of the art fitness/wellness centers to increase employee engagement and worksite wellness. Click here for your copy.