How We Work

Veterans Administration

The Task: Create sustainable health promotion program & activities for 2300 VA Employees.

The Solution 

- Provide experienced, highly qualified, ACSM certified personnel.

- Deliver high impact, motivational health promotion series.

- Revitalize group exercise formats to increase employee usage rates.

- Provide health and ergonomic assessments for new users.  

- Develop equipment assurance and inspection policy.

- Create weekly and quarterly fitness center monitoring reports.

- Implement quantitative quality control system.  

- Develop community partnerships and social media campaigns.


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The Department of Transportation

The Task: Develop a professional development program that encourages participation and advancement of employees towards science, technology, engineering and math careers.

The Strategy


AFC developed a turn-key workshop series led by communication experts and leadership coaches. Each module and subject area of the workshop focused on critical development areas included DOT Management Core Competencies, Communication & Soft Skills, Team Building-Collaboration Skills and Leadership Capacity.  Each module is currently being translated to an E-learning platform for further accommodate large employee group trainings nationwide.


Program Period: March 2010 - Present  

Program Included:

- Leadership Training

- Skill Development

- Case Study Review

- Coaching

- Role-Playing


The Results

“My responsibility was to provide training for women for career development. We wanted training alternatives to give employees new ideas and perspectives on their careers...making them want to learn.


It was good timing on AFC's part. Attitudes of employees have changed. They have become more positive because of this training initiative by AFC.” –

Patrice Wilson, DOT-FWP, Program Manager


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Create an online health and wellness program that supports employees nationwide, while providing a user-friendly interface, onsite management support/health promotion; serving 3000 employees in 17 U.S

The Challenge

Create a user friendly interface, serving multi cultural and demographic populations in 17 U.S. Cities with varying health needs.


The Strategy

Design and implement a user-friendly, internet based, web interface that allows large numbers of employees to manage key health data from any entry point.  Program would address health maintenance issues such as weight management, nutrition, fitness programs, workshops and personal coaching.


Program Period: 2005 – 2008

Program Included: 

- Comprehensive weight management: assessment, design and evaluation

- Employee screenings: blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat analysis

- Behavioral modification: exercise, weight training, coaching,

stress management and nutrition coaching

- Electronic health tracking and monitoring using MyEquilibriumCoach

% of employees reported weight loss of 6% or higher.


The Results

- Over 70% of employee population participated.
- Another 70% of employees reported increased energy and productivity.
- Additionally 50% of employees reported weight loss of 6% or higher. 


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The Washington Post

Improve Communication Processes & Channels between mid and top tier management.

The Challenge

Ineffective and failed communication paths coupled with lack of management support on process and program design protocols.


The Solution

Maximizing team effectiveness training with emphasis on conflict resolution and collaborative leadership.


The Strategy

Developed a highly engaging, coaching-facilitation program. The engagement integrated core communication skills such as: problem-solving, team building, decision making and delegating. Each module and subject area of the workshop focused on coaching skills vs. counseling skill sets along with collaborating among multiple departments and developing one’s leadership capacity.


Program Results 

180% improvement in communication among team leaders and key process management departments


“Our KPIs have surged! Our department heads are actually talking to one another, following up and initiating process improvement programs. - Sr. Executive, Operations Management