How to Create a Collaborative Workplace

A company with a collaborative workplace environment has a stronger culture which improves employee happiness and productivity. This happens because the employees are considered to be VALUABLE PEOPLE and not just resources and they know they are appreciated.


There is a direct relationship between high morale, healthy work-life balance and productivity. How do you create a positive and supportive environment for your employees while still meeting the bottom line and not overspending? Here are five ways your company can create a more collaborative and supportive workplace and improve your bottom line without breaking the bank.


Build trust by making sure management keeps its word and is very transparent when possible. This shows your employees that management is reliable, responsible and accountable, and that they can rely on the company to be consistent.


Encourage mentoring among employees and leadership so that they can benefit from each others experience. Whether its a formal or informal arrangement, senior employees can help new team members get more familiar with the culture of the company, company policies and their job duties. This contributes to a supportive workplace and reduces turnover.


Encourage teamwork to promote a sense of camaraderie and achievement, which contributes to a supportive workplace. When everyone is supporting a common goal, it can help foster a sense of empowerment. Research now makes it clear that social support from a supervisor can be just as important as support from fellow employees for helping people manage the demands of their jobs. According to the 2005 study by Arneson & Ekberg, just perceiving oneself to be part of a workgroup is an important source of social support which is found in a supportive workplace.


Acknowledge employee achievements as they occur. When employees have clearly defined goals, they know what they need to focus. Goals with deadlines promote planning and increase efficiency and productivity. You can review goals and accomplishments during employee evaluations. Even if you need to discuss some areas that need improvement, make it a positive meeting by highlighting their accomplishments FIRST and suggest ways they can make adjustments to improve their performance. Celebrate when employees accomplish their goals! This helps create the feeling of a supportive workplace.


Establish a workplace wellness program to improve employee performance, and lower absenteeism and health care costs. Formal workplace wellness programs convey the thought to employees that their health is important and that their employers know and care about this aspect of their lives. By providing this option for employees, you can boost their well-being and job satisfaction, as well as raise retention rates. The welfare of your employees has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Click here for five affordable workplace wellness options.


These are just five principles to creating a positive, collaborative and supportive workplace. Click here for additional ways you can invest in your employees’ happiness and boost your bottom line.


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