5 Essential Pillars of Leadership Training

One of the key essentials for organizational success is effective leadership. Part of leadership expertise comes from the individual's innate and already-developed capabilities, but other competencies that are missing can be learned through training. Rather than pulling together modules of disconnected technical skills, create a training program that instills the high-level thinking and interpersonal strengths that are seen in the best leaders.


What is leadership?
According to Forbes magazine, top leaders demonstrate the four key pillars of strategic vision with adaptation, strategic values, investment in talent, and disciplined and relentless execution. From a clerical perspective, Ron Edmonson articulates seven leadership pillars: vision, commitment, decisiveness, courage, people, passion, and character.  


These and a myriad of other characterizations describe leadership as much more than management. While the elements of management are necessary  to keep an organization operating efficiently, a leader needs to rise above these details to truly be world class. Consider some of the differences between leading and managing.
Comparing Leadership Qualities to Management Qualities


Planning Strategic Tactical, operational
Focus Outward Inward
Thinking Forward Current
Key Concerns Ideas and people Numbers and details
Message Inspirational Rules-oriented, sometimes pedantic
Twenty years ago, psychologist Daniel Goleman published the book Emotional Intelligence that brought a new perspective to the essential elements of life and business success. Oxford Dictionary defines the important personal traits of emotional intelligence (EI) as "the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."
So what are the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence and how can you use them to improve the communication of the leaders and teams within your organization?  Part II of this article series will address that. 
Are you developing a leadership training for your organization?
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    I have genuine questions about leadership training's as a preparation. I've seen it where they will pick a few understudies aimlessly to give them the preparation, and it accomplishes more mischief than great since kids don't comprehend why one was picked and the other not. Furthermore, I question the rationale that initiative is found out in this design. Authority is truly earned.. it's earned by leading.

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