6 Easy Ways To Improve Fitness Center Operations: Part 1

Corporate wellness is about more than just offering your employees access to your company’s fitness center.

It’s about providing targeted options and ongoing support specific to the needs of your team, and creating happy, healthy employees who enjoy a high standard of living both in and out of the workplace.
When your employees are happy and healthy, your business can thrive.

But how can you be sure the programs, equipment, and classes available at your fitness center are exactly what they need to become and stay healthy?
Simply follow our proven 6-step system for improving fitness center operations and flawlessly managing your corporate wellness programs.

In this two-part series, we’ll reveal the 6 crucial elements every company needs to keep their fitness center running smoothly and keep program participation high.

1. Assessment

Whether you’re revamping your wellness program or opening a brand new fitness center for your employees, conducting a comprehensive assessment is crucial to your success.

Assessing areas like patron usage times, equipment layout, and patron feedback will help you determine what changes need to be made, and how best to manage your wellness center for increased participation.

For example, if during your assessment you determine that most employees use the fitness center during their lunch hour, you can create special programs and opportunities during that time, and cut operations costs at other times of the day. [LEARN MORE]

2. Programming

Offering programs that appeal to your employees is the #1 way to increase attendance at your fitness center.

Remember that programming needs to reach beyond mere physical fitness, and incorporate all areas of health and wellness. These include emotional health, mental health, seasonal health, safety, and more.

The most successful fitness centers cover all of these areas by implementing a variety of programs in addition to fitness classes: from wellness assessments and personal training sessions to health fairs and team-based challenges. [LEARN MORE]

3. Modern Technology

Incorporating cutting edge technology into your fitness center will cut operation costs and increase enthusiasm for personal health and fitness.

By using green technology and energy-efficient equipment, your company can greatly reduce the costs of running your fitness center.

Technology is also a great way to increase employee participation and make getting fit fun. Consider implementing smart-messaging boards and digital kiosks into your center, and using wearable fitness technology and web-based fitness software to create a comprehensive wellness experience both online and off. [LEARN MORE]

With a strategic assessment of your current operation, the implementation of strong programming, and the use of the latest technology, you’ll be well on your way to improving fitness center operations and creating a wellness environment your employees will love.

But you’re not finished yet! In Part 2 of this series, we’ll reveal the remaining elements that must be included in order to achieve flawless fitness center management.

For a sneak peek at our 6-part strategy, download your FREE copy of our whitepaper here: Six Successful Strategies for a Flawless Fitness Center.

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