Management Practices That Get Results


Your Bottom Line is dependent on your management practices. When you establish and maintain your priorities your can mange your time more effectively. Apply these practices to your business and expect excellence.







1. List all Activity You Do At Work


    ·        Divide them into Categories A,B and C, with A  being the most important  for success of the business and C the least important .  

  •     ·        Within each category number the activities with the #1 being the most vital.
  •     ·         Write next to each activity how much time you spend doing it each week           or in some cases, each month.


2. Then ask yourself:

  • ·         Can I allocate my time more effectively? How?

  • ·          What activities can I give to someone else?

  • ·         What is my job at the company ?

3. List all of the activities you wish to do at work:

  • ·        Divide the activities into categories and prioritize them as above

  • ·         Write next to each activity how much time each week/ month it would take you to complete.

4. Then ask yourself:

  • ·         What would be the benefit of doing each activity?

  • ·         What recurring breakdown could I avoid by doing this activity?

  • ·         What is my job at the company ?

5. Have your staff do #1 - #4.


Then share what you wrote and have your staff read their responses, ask them for ways to reorganize, redesign your department work systems accountability, management systems, rewards systems, training and development of staff.

6. What did you learn by doing this?

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