5 Ways To Communicate Better


Success is built on the foundation of communication. Big business, organizations and companies grow from effective communication. Companies are always looking for ways to increase productivity, communication is the key. Our leadership team has combined a list of five effective communication tips for you and your organization to increase productivity.



       February 27 , 2013 
5 Ways To Communicate Better 

1.Clear Your Mind
Before you try to relay your thoughts or ideas to others go over it with yourself first. Pick the key points you want to get across and practice residing them. A good rule of thumb is to choose three main points and keep your communication focused on those. That way, if the topic wanders off course, you will be able to return to one or more of these three key points without feeling flustered. Writing these key points down (if it's appropriate) can also help.


2.Communicate Regularly  
Speak to your team regularly. They should know what to aspect from you and verse versa. Communicate frequently to keep people in the loop and make sure they know how to get more information if they want or need it. 


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3. Communication Is a Two-Way Street 

Effective communication is more than how you get your point across but how you address the concerns of the other members of your team. It is how your team expresses their ideas while you learn to listen. Both parties in any communication should listen to one another and then offer ways to improve the conditions faced by the team and each other.


4. Communicate The BIG Picture
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When you communicate how the smaller pieces fit into the the big picture it clarifies the common goal .Remember, people want to know their work has impact.  Show them how it fits into the success of the team or the organization. 

5. Ask Questions
Asking questions is one of the best things that you can do to communicate more effectively, because most of the time confusion results more from misinterpreting or misunderstanding someone than blatantly ignoring or not listening to them.
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